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Bandai erwähnt eine baldige Veröffentlichung von Disappearance auf DVD


Bandai Entertainment hat vorgestern einen untertitelten Trailer zu „Disappearance“ hochgeladen und am Ende steht doch tatsächlich „Coming soon to DVD“. Da stellen sich mir folgende Fragen:

1) Müsste nicht zunächst die 2009er Episoden in den USA erscheinen?
2) Wo bleibt die Ankündigung für Japan?
3) Und warum nur „DVD“?

Quelle: HaruhiSuzumiya.net


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ultimatemegax 12. Juni 2010 - 06:56

1. They finished the dubbing of the 2009 episodes last weekend according to their facebook page. We should be hearing their September solicitations anytime now, so we may see it released in that month (which would give Haruhi fans time to recharge their wallets).

2. Kadokawa is mum as usual. With BD Haruhi-chan being released in August, it’s still possible that a Shoushitsu release in December is likely (especially since there’s no movie showings in August so far). July 7th is just around the corner afterall!

3. Kadokawa probably has made them go DVD-only for one of two reasons: 1. Kadokawa is releasing Shoushitsu only on DVD first and as such a BD isn’t being made yet or 2. Kadokawa doesn’t want reverse importation of a Shoushitsu BD if they’re releasing it in Japan first.

ultimatemegax 14. Juni 2010 - 04:31

Following up on number 1: August 17th, 2010 is the date from Amazon.com.

TMSIDR 14. Juni 2010 - 23:37

1. Thanks for the tip^^
2. I think they might put out a Haruhi BD set for October and then Disappearance in December. However this would be quite late for some people to gather enough money.
3. If they want some sales records they have to release it on BD in the Japan and the whole reverse importation makes sense, so I also think that perhaps the US only gets the DVD at the beginning. However it’s a little bit strange that they say that Disappearance will come soon when it probably won’t appear before December. I doubt that the US gets it first^^;


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